Australian Shepherd (Aussie) Puppies for Sale in North Carolina

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I'm Tery a 3rd generation aussie breeder

Affordable registered aussie's. Health warranted, medical records, registrations, and pedigrees in hand. De-wormed vaccinated ready to be adopted at 8 weeks old. Their adoption dates are posted on the website Red tri, Black tri, blue merles red merles, solids and Bi colored aussies. Not a one over 400.00 Red Tri & black Tri 250.00. I do rescue. Some people just keep throwing away good dogs we seem to fine each other. I blame God for that cause if he didn't put them there for me to fine then where they be? I support them by breeding mine and adopting them out for a fair price while working on fine homes for the disguarded. With Gods help, and our love of dogs anything is doable. Cammy's puppys will be ready on Nov. 26 the others are ready now. There is lots more pictures on the website and how to reach me.


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