ASDR Mini red Tri 12 Weeks Old in Concordia, Kansas

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Aug 3, 2019
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Miniature Australian Shepherds
These puppies come from a championship bloodline on the sires side, and past pups from the same parents have gone on to become great family pets, and a few even became trained as service dogs.
They will be up to date on thier shots, wormed every 2 weeks, dew claws removed, parents are genetically tested Aussie panel thru Paw Print genetics. They are normal for entire panel, except the dam is MDR1 carrier.
I am located in North central Kansas, and can deliver nearby to within 100Miles for free, and to the neighboring states for a fee.
I have one breeding pair of dogs. Momma is 14 inches at withers 27 lb blue merle with marbled blue eyes from Timberline stock, sire is 16 inches at withers 33 lb red tri with Sunflower Aussies bloodlines.
The parents have a laid back people pleasing disposition. They are medium drive, like to go for a run every evening, but not too demanding, they just wanna be with their humans every minute, lol.
The puppies are adorable, the all love to be held and cuddled, and are used to being handled by children. They are also used to cats, and chickens.
I have one marbled blue/green eyed red merle female who is really beautiful and sweet, one red tri female who is the alpha of the pack. She really needs a home that can focus on giving her lots of one on one attention, she gets jealous of the other pups when they are around me. She wants to be someones everything.
I have 3 males, 1 black tri, 2 red tris. They are all darling. The one who was getting picked on is named Floki, he stays in the house with me now so I can make sure he knows he is special even if his sis thinks he belongs at the bottom of her heirarchy.
These pups were born in my house 5/27/19 and lived inside until they were 5 weeks old. Then I moved them out to my 16foot by 25foot dog shed that has an outside dog pen of 20 foot by 6 foot and 30 foot by 6 foot on 2 sides of that shed so they can go outside whenever they want to.
I have a huge yard and these puppies all get out of the kennel to run in it every evening the weather permits it. My daughter plays with them daily, and we have names for them all, and they come when I call them by name.
If you would like to know more about my miniature australian shepherds please email me! I am asking between 500 and 800 for registration as a pet. 100 more for breeding rights.


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