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Armenian Gampr
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July, 2019
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i have a Armenian Gampr Puppy about six months old. I am selling this wonderful dog because I unfortunately do not have the necessary time need to properly take care of the him, and I have a family member who is allergic to him. Please read on to find out more about the origin and characteristics of this amazing puppy.

Armenian Gampr or Wolfhound is an ancient breed of dog, endemic to the Armenian highlands. From the outset, these dogs are more than just animals serving people they helped in the hunt, in the field, at home, guarding livestock and were just friends. Modern Gampr looks and behaves exactly the same as 3000 years ago. They also guard the cattle farms and people.

And they are friendly towards other animals and loves children. They agree with the animals as well as people. The character of Gampr is the contrast between the gentleness and sensitivity and great power. They are independent and quiet, they form a strong bond with your family. Armenian Gampr is tied to the family, but unlike other dogs, doesn't consider his master the God. To be respected and loved by this dog people should respect and love them in their turn. This dog needs to feel that it is necessary and important, they are usually first become closer with children and women as they are more emotionally open.


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