American Short Hair Cats Free to Good Home

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Nov 30, 2019
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Domestic american shorthair
Bethel Park
Pennsylvania - PA
2 american short hair cats free to good home.
Got off of another person who couldn't keep them and now I'm moving and can't keep them. Didn't recieve paperwork but was told that they were born someone around 2017 and that they don't need shots until March of 2020.

Lighter colored is named peaches and darker is tito.

Peaches is spayed and likes playing with laser pointers and spring loaded objects/rubber bands and laying on plastic and paper bags. Shes picky with where and how you scratch her but she usually likes her belly and ears rubbed. She also has a sensitive stomach so you have to keep a close eye on what food you give her because she can throw up and get hairballs. Shes strictly an indoor cat; she has never been an outdoor cat and has anxiety with closed doors and will meow until they are open or until someone is in the room. She also will scream bloody murder when you give her a bath so the easiest thing to do is to zip her up in a laundry bag.

Tito is a goofy and playful neutered male who can be a difficult at times but is also a very loving and affectionate cat. On occasion he will try to scratch at walls and the occasional kneading at the couch to get attention, but that's the only thing I haven't been able to break him from. He's addicted to catnip, he loves to cuddle and play hide and seek. He also likes playing with laser pointers, boas, balls, and ANYTHING with string. He doesnt like baths and he'll cry, however, he will stay in the tub as long as you stay there and hold him there. Tito is prone to a skin condition which makes his skin oily and makes him lose fur but with at least 2 baths a month and wiping him down using sensitive skin baby wipes with aloe once a week his fur has slowly started growing back since I got him. I was told it has to do with hormones and there isnt a medicine for it.

They are both fairly cleanly but eat and drink alot. I currently feed them 1/2 cup food 2x a day each. It's a half and half mix of meow mix and Rachel ray nutrish. They have a water fountain that pours fresh filtered water and they drink 2-3 large mcdonalds cups a day between the both of them.


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