American Blue Nose Puppies for Sale in Sacramento, California

Sweet baby American Blue Nose puppies for sale

I have five handsome sweet American blue nose pit bulls born September 30th asking price of $500 will be ready to go to their new homes just four days before Thanksgiving what a great gift to bring home to the family this holiday season you can also contact me at(916)335-7827


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Yes I have pictures of the parents there should have been a picture in my ad but I do not know about shipping a puppy too many things happened from here and there exactly where would you need the puppy shipped to on this is something I would have to talk to my husband about
I will talk to my husband but I just Googled to send a dog from Sacrament to its destination is going to cost about $600 I really do not know if my husband is going to go for that or not but I will talk to him


Yes, CT is Connecticut! I know to ship pup to Connecticut from California is about $400 to $500.
I know because I already adopt one puppy from California but he passed away from cancer few months ago!
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