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We are Bengaltime / Registered Bengals and we are located just 21 miles North of Portland, Oregon and just 2 hours South of Seattle, Washington in Kalama, Washington. We specialize in Brown Rosetted, TICA Registered, Purebred Bengal kittens. We offer shipping Nationwide Except to Hawaii which does not allow Bengals.

We currently have Two litters of Beautiful TICA Registered Bengal kittens available to reserve.
4 will be ready to go home 9/14/19 and the other 7 will be ready 9/21/19.

The father of all of them is Sharm Sascha of Bangalore our TICA Registered Stud boy from Russia. He has an amazing personality and lives with us in our home which is VERY rare for a Stud Male. The mothers of the litters are Bengalmusiccats Julie and Bengalmusiccats Lisa our Beautiful TICA Registered Bengal Queens.

These kittens have been partially Bottle fed so they are super friendly and socialized to humans.

All of our Bengal kittens are lovingly hand raised with no cages and freely roam our house
like members of our family. Our cats are not Wild, however, they are very active, love attention and love heights.

Every One of our Purebred TICA Registered Bengal kittens gets lots of individual play time and is highly exposed to our family and other feline family members, so they are used to interacting with people and other cats.

We test our Bengal Studs and Queens and we Guarantee our kitten’s health.

All of our kittens come with TICA pedigrees as Purebred Registered Bengals.

If you want the most beautiful Bengal cat, like the ones you see in magazines; you will find them here.

When you purchase a Bengal Kitten from Registered Bengals you'll learn why Bengals are the best of the cat breeds.

"If it's not a Bengal, It's just a cat"
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Lyubov Dolzhenko - 503-484-3033


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