Alexis Getchell CAA FCAT

Pass Christian
Alexis is a dual performance titled, intact solid black female. Alexis has her Expert title in AKC Fast Cat (FCAT) Only the 6th GSD in the country with this prestige. Alexis has her advanced title in Lure Coursing (Coursing Ability Advanced) She is 3 years old. Pedigree:

Selling her because she and my oldest female do NOT get along. However, Alexis LOVES puppies and the other dogs in my house that she helped to raise. (She has helped raise 3 other -now adult dogs- in my house). These she gets along marvelously. She also gets along with an intact adult male in the house. This is an alpha thing. Alexis loves frisbees, balls, toys, water play, squeaky toys and has a SUPER SUPER high drive. She is addicted to human touch and loves to be loves on and simply just touched. She loves belly rubs and snuggles. She's happy and goofy and smart. She is basic obedience trained with hand signals. She is very well behaved and as a fantastic recall. She could easily pass her CGC. She was briefly in SAR because she has a powerhouse nose. She was abused and neglected when I got her, which is why she is probably why she has such high attention/affection needs. Message me for more details and additional photos. Pick up only. No delivery. Contact me at [email protected] TRULY INTERESTED ONLY!


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