AKC Norwegian Elkhound 10 mo - Renegade


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Norwegian Elkhound
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Renegade is a 10 mo GORGEOUS Norwegian Elkhound. He needs active, caring owners. We bought him from a breeder in Wisconsin and couldn't be happier, but then our lives flipped upside down with a cancer diagnosis in the family, causing us to make a big move to TX with new jobs, etc. We love him so much, and he is smart and wonderful, but we just don't have the time right now to dedicate to him and want a better life for him. He is AKC registered (Renegade Av Smedstua), is chipped and neutered, and has all TX required updated shots. He comes with food, leash, collar, and harness. He sits and lays down on command and is learning "come", "stay", and "heal". He loves the outdoors, to fetch, and to play with toys and snuggle. He has been around many dogs and is good with them. Supervision around small dogs is suggested at first until it is determined that they are good together. Elkhounds are hunters! He has been great around teens and adults, but has never been around small children to know. Supervision is suggested. Please read up on the breed before deciding. They are AMAZING dogs!