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Oct 13, 2019
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Great dane
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Hi, our puppies are priced at $1500 limited registration. $1800 full registration.

We have 1 female and 5 boys left .
These babies are gorgeus .excellant markings and super dark mask.none of them are under 6lbs .heaviest male is 9.5 lbs

Our pups come from a home where they are loved by many from day 1. We keep a full house with many family members, as well as 3 other large dogs in the home .

They grow up around children and are handled by them regularly.

From the get go they are raised to have familiarity of their feet, ears, and tails being touched so as to not create any odd behaviors down the road.

They are fed in group settings and are taught to not show food aggression as they get older and are weaned from mom .

We start out in the first month potty training to pads. Right now they are 5 weeks and more often than not find their way to a pad.

All pups are pure bred fawn danes with very dark masks.this litter is big and stocky our biggest male is already 9.5 lbs at 5 weeks old .we breed to keep the colors pure and to enhance the breed we so dearly love.

We bred out of love for the continuity of the breed. We want nothing but the best for our pups in their new homes. just as we continue to do so for our babies in our home.

Also we are located in Oregon, but do ship. We use a service that provides the pup to be brought on to a plane as a carry on or can be shipped cargo pet as well. This service is in addition to our asking price but we typically offer a $100.00 discount to help alleviate some of the extra cost of shipping.

Puppies come with akc papers, 3 x worming ,return puppy contract ,1 year genetic health gaurantee,spay and neuter contract ,1st set of shots and 1st vet visit .puppies will be ready for new homes nov 5th 2019.


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