AKC German Shepherd Puppies in West Tennessee


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German Shepherd Dog
We’ve got a litter of 10 black & tan German Shepherds; a few are reserved but most are still available. There are 7 males and 1 of the 3 females are still available.
Male: $750; Female: $850. Check my profile; the female will have her own thread with her price on it. The price on this one is for a male puppy. All have been wormed 3 times, and had their 1st shots at 6 weeks.
The mother is solid black, so they should all be carriers for the gene. The father is Black and Tan, and his father was a long-haired Black and Tan. It appears that 2 or 3 males have long-hair, though to different degrees of fluffiness.
These puppies were born June 27, 2019, from 03:00-07:45-ish, and are just about ready to go to their new furever homes any time since they turn 8 weeks old tomorrow.
Each puppy comes with an AKC registration, a record of all the puppy’s medical medications, some pretty good coupons for dog essentials, a starter dose of nexgard (flea/tick/mosquito), a starter dose of hartgard (heartworm), and a few more miscellaneous goodies!
We’ve run the vacuum around them many times, even using 2 different vacuums, and so far they seem uneasy but not really frightened of it. They’ve also heard gun shots (only in video games so far), and several more stimuli. I can post a copy of our checklist, which gives a good idea of the things that they’ve experienced before.
Our pups have seen their mother Sit, Lay Down, and Give Paw and get rewards. They’ve gotten a little progress in training since we rewarded them if they happened to do the command when we said it. They are still new to it, but have shown some real cleverness at times.
They are really sweet, playful puppies, and seem to have good prey drive based on how they pursue toys and each other at times. Ask me any questions at all, and I will do my best to answer them.


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