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Two female German Shepherd puppies are looking for their forever home!
This litter of puppies comes from a long line of incredible champion German bloodlines in both the working and show ring.
Born 9/21/19 and will be 8 weeks old on 11/16/19.
These puppies are not long hair puppies even though their sire has long hair the dam has stock hair.
Dam: "Lady vom Tiltonhaus” daughter of VA1(NL), V4(BSZS-World Championship) Xentos von der Wilhelmswarte IPO3, Kkl.
Lady is a beautiful, large, German Shepherd with lots of energy. Her favorite things are swimming and having her belly rubbed. Lady does not take kindly to strangers but dearly loves her family and I believe she would protect us if we needed her to. Lady is a West German Showline German Shepherd. She is owned by my 16-year-old son Trevor.

Sire: “V4 (SHZ-PL) Toshy vom Bad Waldle TP, BH, IPO-1” son of VA1 (USCA), VA2 (BSZS-2x Vice World Champion) Nino von Tronje SCHH3 Kkl.

Toshy is a beautiful red and black long hair West German Showline German Shepherd that was imported from a top kennel in Poland (De-vespertilio). He has a show rating of V and TP, BH, SchH 1, working titles. Toshy’s pedigree is packed with many top VA and V rated German Shepherds. Toshy and all the dogs in his four-generation pedigree have earned their working titles and show ratings. Toshy is a very sweet dog that just loves to be loved on. He is my 14- year-old son’s dog and sleeps in my son’s bed with him.
Lady’s and Toshy’s pedigrees are packed with World Champions!
Puppies are being well socialized and will make excellent prospects for show, protection, IPO, therapy, service dog, search and research, companion, family member and more.
Parents have both had their hips and elbow certified and DNA tested for several genetic diseases (you can see the test results on my website).
Puppy from this litter is 2300. plus tax. (Tax on $2300 is $186.30 total is $2486.30) ***In accordance with state law, purchasing a puppy picked up or delivered in Washington State will have sales tax added to the sale price.
If you would like to have your puppy shipped, the total price would be $3000 for shipping to any place in the U.S. (weather permitting).
Enjoy visiting our website for photos and additional information: http://www.tiltonhaus.com
If you are interested in one of these female puppies please let me know and I will get back with you as soon as possible. Pictures of the sire, dam, and puppies are attached to this email.
Also, come visit our Shepherd at http://www.facebook.com/tiltonhaus
Email: [email protected]


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