AKC German Shepherd Female for Sale in Prescott, Arizona


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German Shepherd
Very beautiful AKC German Shepherd female, 15 months old, very well trained, extremely sweet

My husband started a new business - and it's really taken off (to our surprise). We now have to travel a LOT, and it's really not fair to sweet Roxy. Rather than feel bad and board her every time we're gone (this last time was 3 weeks), we thought to place an ad so the perfect person or family would contact us.
She's AKC registered, had all her shots, is spayed, and very well trained (and housebroken when she was a pup). She's loving, smart, loves to play fetch, and has sweet manners. She can say so much with her eyes alone. Everyone, and I mean everyone, comments on how beautiful she is. She isn't aggressive, but she will let you know a stranger is on your property. She weighs 64 lbs and is the straight-backed, "old-fashioned" kind of German Shepherd. So her build, and therefore her health, is great. She has a little toy box, and she actually chooses different ones each day - so cute. I will be glad to send you a photo on request. We paid a lot for her - she is such high quality, both looks and temperament-wise - and, of course, her solid training is there. We only ask a fraction of that.
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