AKC Female Pug For Sale in New Milford, New Jersey

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Aug 1, 2019
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New Milford
I am looking for a new family for my baby girl Layca. My career changed and now I am always on the road, and I will be traveling more and more. I have no kids, she has been alone most of the time and it makes me sad because I know she deserves more. Is too expensive paying nanny all the time. My heart is broken! However, I need to move on. She is a sweet girl that loves banana and I have no complaints about her. She is potty trained and never chewed anything but her own toys, she has her little apartment but was NEVER locked inside, my house is her house. She is 100% submissive and has 0% aggressiveness, perfect for children. She is totally healthy and has all the shots for her age (9 months). She was not neutered because I planned to breed her and enjoy the little ones. She got her first heat on June 25th and her doctor said she is perfect health. I am asking 2k even knowing she is worth more. She comes with full AKC, vaccine records, apartment ($400 see pic) I added 4 wells, potty tray the largest I found ($109 see pic), dog grooming ($129 see pic), electric Nail Filer ($25), some food and pee pads, shampoo, perfume, food and water bowls, toys, harness and leash, two car seats, vitamins, treats and more… I always gave her the best I could. Families with children or another dog (sociable) is a plus.


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AKC Female Pug For Sale in New Milford, New Jersey was posted on 08-01-2019 by AlineFranklin in the Pug forum.
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