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Sep 10, 2019
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Chocolate Labrador Retriever
After much thought and discussion, we decided to try to find our Chocolate Lab a good home. Our lives have unexpectedly changed so much since we got him that we just don't have the time to give to him that we feel he deserves. He is a beautiful 2-1/2 years old energetic AKC certified Chocolate Labrador (with champion bloodlines). We want to find him a good home where his new people will have plenty of time and love to give him. There is an adoption fee of $800 which will help to ensure the new owner will be capable and sincere.

Answers to common questions:

Does he get along with other dogs?
Yes, he loves other dogs

How well does he do with kids?
He has always gotten along great with people of all ages and sizes.

Does he alert when a stranger comes to the house?

Does he get along with cats?
He doesn't have much exposure to cats, but when he sees one on the property he barks at it.

How much does he weigh?
About 80lbs

Is he neutered?

Do you have his AKC papers?
Yes, we also have a certified Pedigree for him as well.

Are there any limitations on his AKC?

Is he outgoing or shy?
Very outgoing

Are you willing to work with me on the rehoming fee?
We understand that people can be in a tough spot financially and still be able to provide a loving home. However, all to often people misrepresent the truth and pretend to be what they are not. It is very difficult to judge a person's sincerity during a brief encounter with them. The rehoming fee is a tool that helps us to try and find a sincere and committed family for him.
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