Adorable Standard Poodle Male, 6 Months, Rare Apricot Coat


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Standard Poodle
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Adorable Standard Poodle Male, 6 months, Rare Apricot Coat.

Hey guys and gals! Samson is a pure Standard Poodle breed in healthy condition with a rare apricot coat. Currently weighing 50 pounds, he is a very energetic, loving and sweet dog and needs to be with someone who is very attentive to his needs and has space for him to play.

He is housetrained, non-aggressive to strangers and is very respectful of boundaries that you set within your home. He is easily trainable and knows several basic commands. He is up to date with all of his vaccinations (will have his schedule for you), deworming, and flea and tick treatments.

His grooming schedule is set for every 6-8 weeks for his coat and nails and a weekly brushing of his coat. He is finally growing his adult teeth so placing him a regular teeth cleaning schedule will be important as well. His favorite snacks are banana and peanut butter! Let’s try to find Samson good home for the holidays. For more information please contact me. Thanks!