8 week old Male Ragdoll Blue Point


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Date Born
Location: City
Location: State
Update: only 1 male available
They are well taken care of and loved since they were born. They are trusting, lovable with super excellent demeanor. He is very curious about new things. He likes being cuddled, following you, also sleeping with you at night time. He has been indoors only.

He is 100% litter box trained!
He has gotten his first kitten shot
He has been dewormed multiple times age Appropriately. He has gotten flea and Tick prevention on as well.
He kinda likes water sometimes it depends on his mood
He is NOT neutered. And does NOT have any spraying bad habits. He is highly well mannered and won’t ruin your furniture! 🛏
He has been raised with dogs, kids, and of course other cats😊
He is not free so please don’t ask, i have put in hours every day socializing, playing with them so that they can grow to be excellent cats!
If your interested in adopting him feel free to message us.



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Hi, is there a kitten still available? I know it has been a few weeks since you posted. I'm interested in him if he's still available!
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