6 Month Old Cane Corso Dog For Sale in Los Angeles, California

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Cane corso
Los Angeles
Hello! I have a beautiful well behaved cane corso puppy I am looking to home. I personally bred him and have the mom and dad on site. He is crate and potty trained, can sit, shake and lay down on command and is comfortable in the car. I intended on keeping him but with his mom and dad and my other small dog it has become apparent he needs a home that can give him full attention. He is on the mellow side for a puppy his age and is really good about only chewing on his toys or what I give him. He is very loyal and protective and will bond with his owner quickly. Some people want a newborn puppy but I have done a lot of the work already to make him a functional well behaved companion, so if that is what you are looking for I will be happy to answer any questions!


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Here are photos of him. His name is Lorenzo.


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Definitely interested want to know if hes good with kids I have 5 children at home


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Jasondovalina1 said:
Definitely interested want to know if hes good with kids I have 5 children at home
Hi there, he hasn’t been around kids regularly but when I have taken him to the park I make him sit when people go by and sometimes let kids pet him. He gets along with other dogs and I am sure if you had a strategy for him meeting all of the kids gradually he will adapt to your living situation. The breed is known to be good with kids once adapted but that being said he is a puppy now and quite excitable.. I don’t see him being aggressive to children or anyone in the family but he can play rough so I wouldn’t recommend leaving him alone with young kids until you really monitor how they interact. He definitely embodies the guard dog aspect of the breed so strangers need to be introduced properly but he is also on the mellow side and very affectionate once he is familiar. Daily excercise like a walk or playing ball for about 30 mins will usually expend his energy and get him to listen to you in no time.
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