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German Shephard
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March 28, 2016
Oregon - OR
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Luna is a purebred 5 yr old PLUSH German Shepard

She has been with same owner since birth and only reason she is being rehomed is due to owners severe leg injury which can no longer support her exercise needs and size.

Enjoys playing at dog park with other dogs and can be off leash with no issues. Recall is very good.

Has been through both puppy and intermediate training. Has no bad habits at all (no chewing, digging, barking) and is an incredible watchdog. Inside the house, she guards her family fiercely. She has seen groomer her entire life and is comfortable in all grooming situations- sits very well for nails in between grooms.

She is NOT BIG dog aggressive or BIG dog reactive at all- however small dogs and cats are a NO NO simply because she wants to chase them- doesn’t hurt them just in it for the chase.

She is spayed, up to date on all shots, rabies until 3/21 and on topical flea treatment monthly. She is kennel trained and sleeps at night in her crate - lounges in it during the day as well. Will include crate with her.

She is 120# - overweight due to spay at 2.5 yrs old. Will slim down after consistent exercise. She is a great running buddy and loves to ride in the car! Walks on leash well.

Has been on a RAW diet her entire life - (formery known as BARF) can be continued or can be cautiously switched to dog food of new owners choosing.


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