4 Year Old Medium Goldendoodle F2 For Sale


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Milo has been in our family since he was 10 weeks old. We got him from a breeder in Ohio. He is playful, intelligent, obedient, and a bit shy around adults at first. He loves children and other dogs. He is very well behaved, has never chewed or damaged any of our belongings. He has a crate but rarely uses it because he has very good house manners. He knows many commands and a few tricks. Milo is very healthy, up to date on all his vaccines, and is not neutered. He loves taking walks, playing fetch, and running around in the yard with our five kids. Our family will be traveling more frequently in the near future and we have decided it is no longer feasible for us to be dog owners. We are looking for a family who is wanting to take good care of Milo and love him as we have.


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