4 month old female marble fox kit...very socialized


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Marble Fox Kit
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4 month old marble fox kit female, she has had her 6-week vaccine and vet checked, you will get her, her vet records and Soresto flea collar for 400 her and all supplies 500...all supplies which includes food bowls,leash,harness,soresto flea collar, outfits, bedding, pellets,dog pillow, bed, stroller, 2 carriers, litter box,crate with tray and transitional dog food ..does great with potty training, walks good on a leash, very well socialized...If you don't have your Wildlife license you will need to get that after purchasing the fox kit, I can let you know how you go about getting yours... Would do great with a cat or dog in the house to play with, once introduced to slowly.... she loves to play with the puppy that is at the house so she probably would think all dogs want to play so introducing them slowly to each other would be best. Mainly for her safety because she thinks all animals are friendly and want to play🙂 I could only share a pic of her stroller, but she has a bed, 2 carriers, crate, food bowls so much more.