3 yr old Great Dane in NC


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Great Dane
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We are rehoming our great Dane. She is 3 yes old, has been fixed, and the best dog we have ever had. The only reason for rehoming her is due to my allergies getting worse this past year. She is GREAT with my kids and we hate to re-home her but I can't do animals in the house anymore. We have everything she ever needs except more food obviously including the largest crate for a great Dane, bed, toys, leashes, collars, etc.. We have to know she will go to a good home or she does not go!! It's a promise I made to the kids. Contact me here if you would be interested. She does have allergies as well if she is outside long and different foods. Raw diet is the best for her and expensive. I want to make sure anyone interested knows this. She does break out a lot in summer due to the grass. She also wants to be loved 24-7. She wants her attention and loves to be loved and rubbed.