2 Sugar Gliders for Sale - Complete Setup - $500


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Sugar Glider
Colorado - CO
I am re-homing 2 male sugar gliders. They are less than a year old and in good health. They are both males, and actually brothers. One is a white face and the other is a standard grey. They are very social and extremely bonded to each other, and they are friendly towards me. I just recently got them, but I honestly don't have time for them. I am a student and I travel often to California, where they are illegal. They are currently on the BML diet. I will send detailed care and feeding instructions once you have them. They come with a huge cage AND a stand (the stand came with the cage, it has one shelf and wheels (63" tall (36 off stand) x 33" wide x 22" deep), multiple perches and things to climb on, 3 food dishes, 2 pouches, a bonding pouch, a coconut hideout, a drip water bottle AND the specific vitamin powders they need, which are almost full (only used twice), plus the rest of the food mixes needed for the BML diet (such as baby cereal, wheat germ, etc). I am asking $500 for all. Price negotiable. I can deliver them for an extra fee, but not too far. I am located in Boulder. Please contact me if you have more questions.


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Wondering. If you still have the pair and where in Colorado if so
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