2 Kittens for Adoption in Madison, Wisconsin



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2 Kittens Needing Their Forever Home... And everything else you could possibly need!

I have 2 amazing kittens looking for their forever home. They are about 6-8 weeks old and very good kitties. They are brothers who love to play with each other and sleep! They are litter box trained with no issues. I have a full bag of kitten food, kitten treats, 2 litter boxes, litter, scoop, 2 scratching posts, toys, bed, hair brush, everything you could possibly need for these kittens. They just need someone to love them. Everything is recently purchased and less than a week old. I am unable to permanently care for these kittens but they are so very cuddly, playful, and friendly. Willing to send more pics. Asking $100 for re-home fee (for 2) and will include all of the supplies that I just bought. I will be taking a financial loss for sure, but just want the kittens to be happy. Email or text 6o8-343-o818. Price is negotiable.


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