$100 Adult Female Toy Poodle in Austin, Texas Area

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Dec 2, 2019
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5 year old black purebreed toy poodle we named Michonne, looking to rehome her for only $100 (nonnegotiable). 6-7 pounds. We are her only owner since she was 8 weeks old. After my wife and I got her, my wife got pregnant, and we had a baby #1, then baby #2, and now baby #3 is on the way. She is great with all types of people, loves cuddling and playing and going for walks. She has never growled or anything at any of our babies. We simply want her to get more love and attention than we can give her now. We paid $500 for her, although having moved about 4 times in the last 5 years, we can not find any of the original papers. We do NOT have any pictures of her parents either, but we remember original owners showing us their pictures, and talking about how one was a show dog and another akc registered, definite purebreeds. but michonne was never certified and so we got her for only $500.

Rehoming fee $100 (nonnegotiable). Included are her kennel, her bed, a couple toys, 2 bowls for food/water, food, treats, collar and leash. Its been about a year since her last rabies shots, so she is due, another reason for the low price tag. We DO have her rabies certificate. She is NOT fixed. So she can have puppies if you want to start a whole family with her. She has NEVER had puppies. We have a doggy door and consider her a indoor/outdoor dog. She is potty trained, but she only gets to roam the house when we are home, if we leave the house or when its time to sleep, we put her kennel up against the doggy door so she can be in her kennel during that time, free to step outside to the backyard whenever she wants. Although she hasnt had any accident inside our home in about 2 years, we do not give her any temptation to even think about it by never letting her roam inside when she is home alone. We do get her groomed often, last time was about 1-2 months ago. The picture taken of her on the blue chair is how she looks now. We definitely gave her different poodle styles throughout her life, so have fun with that poodle hair experience!

Location to meet will be the 183/1431(Whitestone Blvd) area in Cedar Park Texas, just north of Austin. This is also nonnegotiable, yet another reason for the low price tag.

I will NOT fly her anywhere.

I just created this account on this website to rehome Michonne. Still trying to figure out how to use website tho, i suppose you can direct message me if interested. If not you can email me at [email protected] as well. Thanks!

ONE LAST THING, i will be asking you one question and that is, "WHY do you want to buy Michonne?" Having her for 5 years, I'm sure you can understand that we do have a lot of love for her, and just want her to continue her lovefilled journey of life.


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$100 Adult Female Toy Poodle in Austin, Texas Area was posted on 12-03-2019 by MichonnePoodle in the Poodle forum.

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