1 Year Old Labrador Retriever Mix Puppy For Sale in Palm Coast, Florida


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Labrador mix
I am looking to rehome my year old Labrador mix. Her name is Ayla. We love her very much but unfortunately after exhausting all our options to train her out of bad habits (from previous owners), we simply cannot allow her to continue doing damage to my home. We think she was abused by the prior owner, as she is very skittish with new people and especially men. She is a very sweet dog but needs a lot of patience, love and training. We have consulted a trainer, implemented a routine, followed discipline, and mostly given her lots of love. She is crate trained, but spends most of her day out of the cage since one person is usually home. We are looking to find her a family ideally with kids or other dogs (she loves to play) and hopefully a family that had experience training dogs. We won’t surrender her to just anyone and I want to try here first before bringing her to the humane society where she’ll be terrified locked up in a cage. A meet and greet will be mandatory, as I want to see who she is going to and see how she gets along with you and your pet(s).


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