1. H

    Florida AKC Pug Puppies for Sale in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    AKC registered pug pups. Have had all their shots including the rabies shot. Have been dewormed. Puppies will be ready to go on April 27th. Please email me with any questions or info you may need.
  2. H

    Florida Male Chihuahua Puppies for Sale in Cape Coral, Florida

    3 male chihuahua puppies available. will come with CKC registry, Health Certificate from our vet, vaccinated and dewormed, and have puppy kit (food, wee wee pads and toys).
  3. N

    Florida Two Young Huskies for Rehoming - Tampa, Florida

    Hello, I have two young huskies, both females who I can no longer afford to take care of unfortunately. I have had them both since they were 8 weeks old. Mia is red/white, spayed (3 years old). Leia is black/white, NOT spayed (2 years old). Both girls are potty trained, sweet and the smartest...
  4. applewoodchihuahuas

    Featured Chihuahua Pups Coming Soon

    "Zoriana" is an AKC registered chihuahua, (Dad is a Russian import), under 5 lbs, who was bred to "Amigo"-AKC registerd male-4.8 lbs, who has multiple American champions in his ped. Breeding took place on 3/28/2020. For more information on this breeding, please visit my website and click the...
  5. L

    Florida Yellow Lab Puppy for Sale in Jacksonville, Florida

    I have a 10 week old puppy for sale she is very sweet and great with children. I am located in Jacksonville, Florida. This labrador retriever is a female. I am asking $500 for the dog. Please contact me if interested.
  6. T

    Florida Iguana for Sale in Pensacola, Florida

    I have a beautiful red iguana who needs a good home I work a lot and I’m unable to care for him I’m asking $50 bucks.
  7. A

    Featured White German Shepherd Puppies

    5 males and 1 female, 9 weeks, AKC with health cert and microchip. 900 or bets offer. Ana 239-963-6707.
  8. D

    Florida Dogo Argentino Puppies

    Dogo Argentino puppies available. Morocho de la cocha lines.
  9. S

    Florida 6 Month Old Cat for Adoption in Boynton Beach, Florida

    New to our home but unable to keep because of allergies ☹ Six month old male neutered with up to date shots. Just want a good home for him. He is sweet, likes to cuddle and play. All items that are his will go with you...if you would like.
  10. A

    Florida New Zealand Rabbits

    These are well cared for rabbits that want a new owner! They were born January 15th. The price for each is 30 dollars but the price is malleable.
  11. H

    Florida Handsome Male Frenchton Puppy for Sale in Orlando, Florida

    Frenchton Male pup available must be only male dog. He's 5 months old. Smart,stocky,loving and excellent watch dog/ companion. Looking for someone who has plenty of time & love for him.
  12. M

    Florida Albino Arowana Fish

    This is truly one of the most sought after arowanas in the fish hobby! The Albino Silver Arowana is rarely seen in the fish trade industry and this is your chance to own this gorgeous fish!
  13. M

    Florida Blue Nose Pit Bull for Sale in Pensacola, Florida

    Needs new home rehoming fee is $350 as soon as possible. Good with kids, shy and doesn’t bark also is potty trained.
  14. S

    Florida American Staffordshire/Border Collie Mix Puppies for Free in Holiday, Florida

    American Staffordshire and border collie mix puppies three female free to good homes.
  15. C

    Florida White Male Devon Rex Kitten

    Kitten was born on 11/30/2019 and will be ready to go home at the end of March. He is very active and playful. He is obsessed with licking eyelashes, biting fingers/toes, chasing his toys, and snuggling at the end of the day. Kitten is a shoulder monkey and loves sitting on your shoulder...
  16. F

    Featured Second Generation of Chowdoodle Puppies

    We ship anywhere in the us. I have a rare litter of F1B Chowdoodle puppies for sale, only 4 males available one cream, one apricot , one black and one that we are not sure of the color yet (brown/black?). The mother is a small 25lbs Chowdoodle and the father is a blue merle standard poodle. This...
  17. S

    Florida 11 Week Old Goldendoodle Puppy for Sale in Winter Park, Florida

    I have a beautiful 11 week old female Goldendoodle for sale. Recently purchased her but soon realized that it was an impulse decision and I need to prepare for baby on the way due in 4 months. Would like to sell asap.
  18. N

    Florida Chow Cow for Sale in Orlando, Florida

    Cute 5month old chowchow for sale. Grey/blue eyes. Friendly and fluffy. $2500. Orlando,FL
  19. W

    Florida Cockapoo Puppy for Sale for Sale in Holiday, Florida

    I am very sad to say I absolutely have to get rid of my 10 month old cockapoo puppy. His name is Whinston. i have no other choice and I just want him to go to a good home and be loved. Hes so beautiful. He is spoiled. He chews and cry’s when he’s in the cage. He’s super sweet and likes to...
  20. M

    Florida 3 Bunnies for Sale in Oviedo, Florida

    These bunnies HAVE to come together. They’re a family. It’s the mom, and the 2 daughters. If you buy, a house will come with it that has 2 stories. not sure about how old the mom is ( the larger darkbrown one) but the kids are around 1 year. please call or text if you’re interested!