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Please browse our classified ads for a huge selection of captive bred turtles and tortoises for sale online. We attract sellers and advertisers from all over the world to list their pet turtles on our website and our inventory of turtle and tortoise ads is growing every day. Some of those who advertise with us are full time breeders who deal with only turtles or turtles and other reptiles and some are private individuals who simply may have a turtle to sell. Perhaps something changed in their lives and they can't keep their pet any longer or perhaps they just don't want it. Either way, there are many great deals to be found here. Some turtles for sale are very cheap and some are even free. If you see some listings from dealers or breeders and would like more information, such as price or age, contact them through our site by leaving a comment under their post. They'll receive the message and reply back with the information you're looking for.

If you do happen to find interest in an ad posted by a breeder, be sure the turtle you may purchase is 100% captive bred. These folks may have baby turtles for sale as well as adult turtles. Again, contact the seller to learn about how the animal was raised, how much it costs and whether or not it can be shipped or hand delivered to you personally.

When it comes to buying and selling both adult and baby Turtles online, we have what you're looking for. This is a short list of different species and types you may find on our website: Red Eared Slider, Yellow Bellied Slider, Common Snapping, Florida Snapping, Three Striped Mud, Black Knobbed Map, Western Painted, Eastern Painted, Southern Painted, Peninsula Cooter, Musk, Mississippi Map, Florida Softshell, Spiny Softshell, Albino Red Eared Slider, Chinese Box, Indonesian Box, Rio Grande Slider, Pink Bellied Sideneck, Golden Thread, Japanese Pond, Pearl River Map, Spotted, Cumberland Slider, Ornate Box, and many more.