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If you're looking for a really easy to take care of and low maintenance pet to keep as a companion, you may want to check out mice. These guys are very cute and playful and can keep you company all day long. They're also active and social, but beware that they enjoy chewing on things, so you'll need to give them toys and other items to keep them busy throughout the day. Beyond that though, mice are fairly unknown in the pet world, which is a shame because keeping a mouse as a pet can offer you a tiny animal that's clean, friendly, fun, and active that'll entertain you for hours every day. They're also very smart and with a bit of determination and patience, you can teach them how to perform tricks. You can also train them to do various things.

Here's a bit of trivia for you. Did you know that mice have been domesticated for centuries? Did you know that mice are primarily active during the night hours and that they sleep during the day, but will accomodate your schedule? So if you want to play with them during your own hours, they'll be happy to do so. Did you know that mice are excellent at burrowing and hiding inside of small spaces and that they get scared if confronted with a loud noise? Did you know that mice don't transfer any diseases from themselves to humans and that they're available to buy pretty much anywhere? A mouse is an excellent choice as a pet for teens and adults. Be careful with very small children though because mice can get hurt easily and sometimes small kids aren't well versed on how to hold things lightly.

Sometimes mice can be misunderstood. Despite conventional wisdom, mice are actually very clean little animals. They're organized in that they partition their homes so that their food is away from where they sleep, eat, deficate, and everything else they do. If you decide to purchase a few different mice, each one will enjoy the company of the others. Just be sure to buy only the same sex mice for each cage. You don't want a breeding problem on your hands. Also, since these guys need lots of exercise, be sure to place a running wheel inside their enclosure. It'll be used quite frequently. And, as mentioned above, since mice teeth never actually stop growing, it's critical that you give them things to chew on to keep the teeth at a normal length. And finally, as you carefully handle and play with your mouse, you'll find that he or she will begin to trust you. That's when their personalities truly shine through.

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