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Maltipoos are incredible little dogs. Being a mix between the Maltese and Poodle, this dog is stacked with tons of great qualities. It's cute, affectionate, good natured, fun, loyal, and so many other adjectives. This breed is good with young children and families of all sizes. It adores spending time with people and will take a seat right on your lap if you let him or her. You can even teach this dog tricks, as they're very smart and eager to learn.

Continue reading to learn more about Maltipoos, a mix between the Maltese and the Toy Poodle and also a great family dog. This designer dog breed is called many names, such as; Malti Poo, Malte Poo, Malta Poo, Multa Poo, Moodle, Malti Doodle, Maltese Poodle, and Malt Oodle.

Popularity: Somewhat popular.

Trainability: Training a Maltipoo isn't difficult because the breed is so intelligent. The one thing you will need to be diligent with is your calmness and patience. Since the Maltipoo is such a sensitive dog, it'll take quick notice of your mood and react accordingly. This is a dog that responds well to positive reinforcement and treats and very poorly to a negative attitude. While training, be sure to avoid becoming frustrated and take short breaks if necessary. Keep a cool and level head and you'll be just fine. Remember, focus on patience and consistency and you'll have an obedient dog and a dog that can do tricks as well.

Size/Weight: Small sized dogs, weighing in at an average of 5-20 pounds.

Origin Location/Date: Like so many other designer dog breeds, the Maltipoo's history is hazy at best. And even if one could claim to pinpoint an exact date on which they suspect this breed was first bred, they would have no way of knowing they're accurate. That said, it's generally understood that the Maltipoo was bred consistently and popularly beginning some time in the 1990s in the United States. As dog enthusiasts became aware of this breed's desirable attributes, the dog became more popular.

Energy Level: As is true with many other small designer dog breeds, the Maltipoo is energetic, but doesn't need too much exercise to stay happy. It's a small dog that will require daily walks and playtime inside the home and at the park, but that's pretty much all it needs. If you've got a fenced in back yard, toss a few balls to get your dog running around. If you're stuck inside, allow the dog to keep himself busy with some toys.

Temperament: The Maltipoo inherits some very desirable traits from its parents as well as some undesirable ones. While this dog can get along well with families, children and other pets in the home, they can also be territorial. This is a breed that's small with a big personality. They need to be socialized when young to grow into a polite and well-behaved adult.

Necessary Space: This is a small dog with medium exercise requirement and as such, it's an ideal candidate for apartment living. This is a popular designer dog breed for those who live in cities.

Talents: Overall, this is a family friendly dog that will love chasing a ball around the park and playing in the back yard. When inside after a day of play, it'll curl up on the couch with you or sit on your lap.

Life Expectancy: 10-13 years.

Group: Not Applicable/Designer Breed.

A few terms and phrases to describe the typical Maltipoo puppy and dog: small, affectionate, companionable, sweet, territorial, cute, cuddly, hybrid, friendly, outgoing, soft, spunky, eager to please, and hypoallergenic.
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