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Guinea Pigs (sometimes called Cavy, Domestic Cavy, or Cavies) are excellent pets for kids and adults alike. They're fairly small and relatively easy to care for. They've got wonderful personalities and are fun to have around. While they can be shy at first, once they get to know you and they come out of their shell, they're actually very social. It's because of this social character trait that they shouldn't be kept alone, but with a friend in their cage or enclosure. Guinea Pigs generally need a Vitamin C supplement and can live for approximately five to eight years, on average. When it comes to introducing a new companion to an existing pig that you own, be sure to keep only those of the same sex together. If you've ever heard a small animal squeak or whistle, there's a good chance that it may have been a Guinea Pig. These little guys whistle actively when they're happy. They even develop strong bonds with those who care for them. Active during the day, Guinea Pigs mostly sleep at night.

There are a few key points to remember when it comes to owning a Guinea Pig. Take care when picking up these pets. Be sure to use both hands; place one under the front of the pig's body with a finger or two around the neck and then support the rear of the body. Be firm when holding, but don't squeeze. If the Guinea Pig become squirmy, place it back down and wait until it calms down a bit. Also, as stated above, Guinea Pigs need a Vitamin C supplement. You'll add this to their water every day. You'll notice that Guinea Pigs like to chew on things. The reason for this is to wear down their front teeth. These teeth actually never stop growing, so it's important for this pet to have plenty of sticks, food, and chews to chew on. When feeding, be sure to use only food that's meant for Guinea Pigs. You may also do some research to learn about what types of fruits or vegetables are healthiest for these animals. And finally, be sure to house your Guinea Pig in a well ventilated cage that's spacious enough for them to live. These pets need to move around quite a bit, so the cage needs to be large enough for them to rome and enjoy.

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