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I am looking to give my 7 month old chameleon a new home. I would also...
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Chameleons are common in pet stores all over the world. They're popular for those who are up for a different type of pet, rather than the typical furry kind. Chameleons are reptiles that are just as captivating and unique as they are beautiful. For those of you who don't have any experience buying and caring for chameleons or reptiles in general, you'll definitely need to learn a few things. Just remember, something like this isn't too difficult of a challenge and after you've mastered the learning curve, you'll be rewarded ten times over. These animals are fun, entertaining, and definitely have their own personalities.

For those of you who aren't familiar with chameleons, here's a quick primer. Chameleons are lizards. They can be very colorful and can actually change the color of their skin throughout the day. A lot of people think that this type of lizard can change its skin color on command to match their surroundings, but that's not the case. They're not capable of that. Also, this animal surprisingly continues to grow for its entire life. While it does reach maturity after a few years, it'll continue to get larger and larger as time passes. And as it continues to grow, its skin will shed in pieces. Chameleon skin doesn't shed all in one piece like snake skin does. It comes off in small bits here and there.

There are many different types of chameleon; although the exact number of chameleon types differ, depending on who you talk to, the official number resides between 171 and 202. The largest chameleon recorded is 27 inches long, while another close contestant is 23 inches long. On the other side of the spectrum are the tiny little chameleons. The smallest breed only measures around a half inch long and can rest easily on the side of a toothpick.

Here are a few different types of chameleons that we offer for sale on our website. While there are dozens of different "breeds," these are the ones you'll generally find for sale online and in pet stores: Veiled, Carpet, Fischer's, Jackson's, Pygmy, Panther, Oustalet's, Meller’s, Four-Horned, and Senegal Chameleon.

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