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Akitas are extremely athletic, protective, loyal, committed, and loving dogs. As puppies, they're playful, mischievous, and they get along with wonderfully with kids. As adults, they continue to live well with children. This dog has a powerful stance, is big boned, is intelligent, strong, and somewhat large in size. Like so many other breeds of dog, Akitas are open to play and get along quite well with their owners. These dogs make great family pets and they do especially well when much attention is paid to them. They're eager for all of your focus and love nothing more than being at someone's side. As far as physical characteristics go, this breed has a curly tail, a very thick double coat of fur, and they are generally seen in one of three color scenarios; brindle, solid colored, or pinto.

Continue reading to learn more about the Akita, otherwise known as the Akita Inu.

Popularity: Somewhat popular.

Trainability: Akitas are strong and highly intelligent dogs, but can be stubborn when it comes time to train them. Begin training when they are young and don't show any signs of weakness or your dog may take the dominant alpha role in the relationship. The Akita does take well to training though.

Size/Weight: Large sized dogs, weighing in at an average of 70-130 pounds (female to male).

Origin Location/Date: Originated in Japan and was used to guard emperors and for hunting. Have been bred for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Energy Level: High energy, playful and affectionate, requires exercise every day in the form of a good long walk, run or rigorous play time.

Temperament: Very affectionate and loyal, good with children and great with adults, wonderful companion for singles, couples and families. Prefers to be part of a pack and is easy to housebreak. As stated, will take the dominant role with submissive owners. Can become very attached to their owners. Quite protective.

Necessary Space: Due to the fairly substantial exercise requirements for this dog as well as its size, it's best to keep them in larger, more spacious living situations such as a farm or a large house with a yard. Not particularly well suited for small apartments. Would prefer to have another Akita or large dog of the opposite sex to play with. Needs 30 minutes to one hour walk or playtime per day.

Talents: Fiercely loyal, powerful, independent and beautiful. Intelligent and can be stubborn due to their similar nature to the Wolf. Will rarely back down from confrontation. Excellent trackers of deer, wolves and bears.

Life Expectancy: 10-12 years.

Group: Working group.

A few terms and phrases to describe the typical Akita puppy and dog: strong, intelligent, loyal, good companion, muscular, warm coat, protective, large, quiet, fastidious, independent-thinking, trainable, stubborn, needs exercise and playful.

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