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Location: Los Angeles, California 90028 United States, Ad#: 613107, Seller: Bella2019B, Member Since: Apr 20, 2019, Date Posted: Apr 20, 2019, Ad Views: 167 , Seller Accepts: Cash

Bᴀʙʏ ʙᴏʏ ᴊᴜʟɪᴀɴᴀ ᴍɪɴɪ ᴘɪɢ ғᴏʀ sᴀʟᴇ
$3500 (cash only please)
Los Angeles, 90028
Im selling my baby boy Juliana mini pig. He is about 8weeks old. He is pink and has blue eyes and black and white hair, I named him Moo because of how he looks like a little cow. He is so cute and small. He makes the cutest little oinking/honking noises. Sometimes he sounds like a little duckling! Hes so loving and playful! He loves kisses and belly rubs! I really dont want to sell him because he thinks Im his mommy now first of all so I feel so horrible unless I know that hell go to an even better owner than me, with my love, thats probably impossible Im so selfless to this little guy right now.... but I live with my boyfriend and stay at friends houses a lot too and its hard to have him with me everywhere i go and my boyfriend is not the fondest of him. I grew up on a farm and raised pigs in the Midwest so you know Ive been a good mommy to him, I just dont have the time for him now because Im thinking of getting a job and he needs constant attention in which I cant give to him so he deserves better. Im only selling him because I move around a lot and he needs a mommy/daddy that can stay at home with him and make a commitment and have time for him because hes just a little baby still and I cant train him the best right now (hes very smart he just needs a little training, he barks and grunts quite a bit and it can be loud but hes actually good at going potty in one place). He will squeal when you pick him up until he gets to know you (they dont like to be picked up because theyre prey animals and it scares them)but he gets so comfortable with you he will follow you around like a little doggy and sleep on you always, hes so cuddly lol even in the car he has to be on my lap or behind my neck! He loves to sleep and eat! He will sleep in bed with you and as long as hes with you he wont make any noise! But if you walk away he might scream! When he wants attention he will do something called rooting, where he rubs his nose on you... they may do this for comfort, to communicate( such as telling you they need to go potty), to look for food or to get attention if they feel neglected. Piglets also do this as a sign of affection, you will know if hes doing it out of aggression. If hes nudging your skin redirect him to a blanket or toy and tell him Good root! And let him know hes a good boy. Dont stop them from rooting because its their nature. Since he is a baby he does this often. He really is like a little human baby and Im not ready for a baby right now. The price is firm, I bought him for not much less than what Im asking. Contrary to how many people say pigs are dirty, they are actually very clean animals so they need to be bathed not very often, as a piglet he should be bathed with a baby shampoo and once dry, oiled with coconut oil as they can get dry skin (keep him out of the sun!) and when hes full grown he can be bathed with Mane and Tail and loitioned with Skin So Soft by Avon. He will need vitamin E tablets too as he gets older to keep his skin moisturized and healthy. Hes a sweet little baby but he goes crazy when he sees food. I feed him mostly seeds nuts eggs fruits and veggies tuna salmon and bread. He loves to be fed his food. Oh and he likes water but hed much rather have 100% carrot juice or 100% coconut water. Its important that he gets a balanced diet, so he doesnt have loose stool and so he doesnt get overweight; to be healthy. He is in perfect health now. His parents are about 30 pounds so hell most likely grow to a French or English bulldog size. Right now hes about 6 pounds, but hes really small as you can see he can fit in your lap. As long as you feed him in moderation and with a variety of good foods, he will be on the small side. Realistically he will not stay this same size sadly. But youll still love him the same!!! Believe me youll fall in love. This is a very hard breakup from me but I just want him to be happy no matter how hard it is for me to let go of him. Hes not neutered. Hes a little too young to be walked on a harness and leash now as hes so small that he can get out of harnesses (he will need a harness specifically for mini pigs to prevent him from running away, a figure 8 harness) and I also recommend a pet carrier bag until he can be walked. Although he loves to be carried in your arms too its safer for him to be in a bag if you take him out with you. I love this little boy soooooo much, Im only selling him for his own good to a good family where I know hell be loved so much and properly raised and taken care of.

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